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Pollution of the Environment

Question: Desribe about harmful waste materials, air pollution, noise and land take. Answer: Introduction Day to day the pollution of the environment has increased in a very rapid rate. In the environment pollution transport system causes the large impact on the environment pollution mainly due to the high range of the burn of petroleum products. Ameh,(2014) mentioned that due to impact of the maximum range of the pollution it causes the various health issues which is the serious matter to take in concern. The serious issues of the environment are described in a three parts: Indirect impacts: the indirect impacts are the secondary causes of the environmental pollution. The indirect impacts causes the more pollution into the environment and also it is more powerful than the direct impact which becomes the matter of difficulty. Direct impacts: Direct impacts include some of the recent consequences which become the causes of the environmental pollution in a very large manner. Cumulative impacts: Both the direct and the indirect impacts come under the cumulative impact. It is the indirect multiplication of both the indirect and the direct impacts. In this assignment it mainly focuses on the environmental impacts which are mainly generated due to the transport system. Under the environmental impacts it include the air pollution, noise pollution, the reduction of the harmful particles, land take etc (Michel and Rutherford, 2014). Harmful waste materials: Both the rapid growth and the modernization of the world cause both the pros and cons in todays world. To take concern the disadvantage part it includes some of the main issues which are air, land and water. The harmful impacts of the environment are generally caused by the solid waste materials. The exposure of the harmful waste materials which is generally decomposed causes the direct impacts in the environment and the human health. To take account the health issues it causes some of the serious diseases and in the other impacts it takes the environmental issues into account which leads to the chemical impacts in the environment. The harmful waste materials include the disposal of the agricultures and the factories to the rivers due to which the accumulation of the chemical toxic occurs and affects the food chain. The waste materials which comes from the hospitals, laboratories etc also causes the environmental pollution which becomes the reason of the serious health problems (Oth man, et al.2014). To prevent this pollution which causes form the harmful waste materials it is needed to build the treatment plant of the waste materials which does the treatment of the waste materials of the industries and also the various places before coming to the contact with the environment . Air pollution In order to describe the environmental pollution, air pollution is also one of the main factors. The environmental effects due to the impacts of the air pollution are given below (Krger, et al. 2014): Ozone layer depletion: due to the depletion of the ozone layer the UV rays of the sun comes to the earth directly. The reason of the depletion of the ozone layer is due to the man-made chemicals which cause the serious health problems include cataracts, skin cancer etc. Global climate changes: the imbalance of the environment occurs the severe climate changes. Due to the impacts of the global warming it causes the reduction of the rain fall. To get prevention form the air pollution it needs to plants the more numbers of the trees so that it can keep the balance of the environment and also brings the rainfall. It also needs to reduce the emission of the smoke which causes the serious injuries to the environment. It requires following the rules and the regulation which are implemented to minimize the air pollution. There is also needed to do the implementation of the advanced technologies to keep control into the air pollution which include wet scrubbers, filtrations etc. Noise Noise pollution is also the other impacts of the environmental pollution. Some of the causing reasons of the noise pollution are mentioned below: Industrialization: industries use the large machines in their work which causes excessive amount of the sound and due to which it results to the loosing capacity of the hearing capabilities of the people. Transport system: under the transport system it include the excessive numbers of the vehicles, trains etc which produces the excessive amount of the sound and at result causes the serious health issues. Poor urban planning: the planning of the urban areas which includes the congested houses, large families in the small places creates the serious negative type of the impacts to the environment. Under the prevention of the noise pollution it includes some of the steps which are described below: Doing the plantation of the large numbers of the trees and the plants which does the absorption of the sound and resulting to reduce the sound pollution. It needs to strengthen the rules and the regulation of the Government to control the noise pollution and also needs to make it punishable. It requires reducing the occurrence of the public function, DJ etc so that it can reduce the noise pollution (Ezeh, et al.2010). Land take Land take is also the other means of the environmental pollution. it is also known as land pollution. In this pollution it mainly deals with the misuse of the land resources, destruction of the lands in both the direct and the indirect manner. Some of the causing reasons of the land take or land pollution is given below (Ezeh, et al.2010): Agriculture purposes: As now days the population rate is increasing in a maximum rate so the demand of the foods are also increasing. To meet the high demand the farmers are using different types of the fertilizers and also the different types of the medications to protect the plants from the pests, insects etc. the use of the large numbers of this medication causes the soil pollution. Construction purposes: as the urbanization is increasing it lead to the increase of the construction. To meet the construction purposes the large numbers of the tress and the plants are cutting down. And also the rate of the harmful waste materials are also increasing like plastic, woods, bricks etc (Gardoni, et al.2012). Industrialization: the numbers of the industries are also increasing in a very large rate which also leads to disposal of the various harmful waste materials which are not degradable in nature. The maximum use of the medicines and the chemicals also affects the soil which makes the soil more contaminated. Human health effects: the lands are getting contaminated due to the toxic materials which affect the human health by causing the respiratory problem, skin cancer etc which cause the major impacts in the human health. Nuclear waste particles: the rate of the production of the waste materials becomes very high which makes the nature more toxic which becomes harmful for the environment and the peoples. These types of the waste material are caused by the production of the energy by the nuclear fusion and fission. In order to the prevention of the land pollution there needs to follow some of the major steps which are given below (Duncan, 2014): It needs to use of the bio degradable products so that it becomes easily decomposed and also not becomes the reason of the various environmental pollutions. It needs to minimize the usage of the insecticides, pesticides and the fertilizers at the time of the agriculture so that the land cannot get contaminated and also dangerous for the environment. It also needs to organize the various programs, campaign so that the people can get more aware about these types of the pollutions and also cab gather the knowledge of the concept of reduce, recycle and reuse (Ljungman and Mittleman, 2014). Recommendations In order to minimize the environmental pollution there are some of the recommendations which are needed to follow (Cincinelli et al.2012): To achieve some of the objectives of the appropriate combination of the various means with the efficient use of the energy, and also by controlling the dangerous emissions various air pollutants and also by increasing the non-fossil energy sources. It also needs to refer some of the guiding principles to set so that it becomes the important recommendation of the environmental pollution. It needs to implement some of the policies to keep the control of the pollution more effectively to decrease the rate of the environmental pollution. Conclusion In order to conclude the above study it needs to describe the overall impacts of the environmental pollution and also discusses the prevention of the environmental pollution and also some of the various steps to maintain the prevention steps so that the pollution can be reduced (Chen and Ye, 2014).. In the above mentioned study it tells about the issues which raise the pollution of the environment and also affects the human health with the different types of the environmental pollution. Reflective log In this report I discusses about the types, causes and the prevention of the environmental pollution. In the mentioned study I describes about the prevention of the environmental pollution in an elaborate manner so that all the issues gets solved. I also get to k now about the critical description of all the types of the environmental pollution which includes the pollution by the harmful waste materials, causes of the air pollution, causes of the noise pollution, pollution of the land which is known as land take or land pollution. In the first part of the report it discusses about the environmental pollutions which are caused by the air pollution, soil pollution, harmful waste materials etc. throughout this study I also acquire some of the knowledge of the various issues concerning the matters of the pollution. Including to it I also get to know about the implementation of the renewable type of the energy system which include the electricity generation and also the bio fuel productio n in the system of the transport system. There are some of the issues which make me more shocked to know about the harmful materials of the industries, hospitals etc are disposed openly to the environment and also causing the injurious issues to the environment. I also get know how the ozone layer are depleting and the harmful UV rays of the sun are coming to the earth and also causing the serious problems to the nature. I also come to know how the vegetables which we are consuming are infected due to these various types of the pollution. After acquiring the ideas of the pollution of the environment I also get to know how to prevent these types of the pollution to some extent as I know to reduce the pollution in full manner is next to impossible. I also know how to make the people more concern about these types of the issues and also make them understand how to take the preventive measures to get the protection from these types of the problems. As mostly in the rural side it needs t o take the some of the measures by organizing the different campaign, programs so that they can take part more actively and comes to know both the causes and the prevention of the environmental pollution. I also describe some of the recommendations which confirm the sustainability of the entire social, economic and the environmental issues. According to me, every person needs to do some of the things in their daily basis which can improve the environment and also reduce the rate of occurrence of the environmental pollution. as every person needs to remember that everybody are living in this environment so by polluting this environment we are effecting ourselves both direct and indirect manner. References Ameh, E. (2014). Geochemistry and Environmetric Approaches to Estimate Pollution Impacts on Soils around Okaba Coal Mines. British Journal of Applied Science Technology, 4(17), pp.2513-2527. Chen, R. and Ye, C. (2014). Land management: Resolving soil pollution in China. Nature, 505(7484), pp.483-483. Cincinelli, A., Martellini, T., Misuri, L., Lanciotti, E., Sweetman, A., Laschi, S. and Palchetti, I. (2012). PBDEs in Italian sewage sludge and environmental risk of using sewage sludge for land application. Environmental Pollution, 161, pp.229-234. Duncan, R. (2014). Regulating agricultural land use to manage water quality: The challenges for science and policy in enforcing limits on non-point source pollution in New Zealand. Land Use Policy, 41, pp.378-387. Ezeh, A., Kodzi, I. and Emina, J. (2010). Reaching the Urban Poor with Family Planning Services. Studies in Family Planning, 41(2), pp.109-116. Gardoni, D., Vailati, A. and Canziani, R. (2012). Decay of Ozone in Water: A Review. Ozone: Science Engineering, 34(4), pp.233-242. Kleiber, T. (2012). Pollution of the Natural Environment in Intensive Cultures Under Greenhouses. Archives of Environmental Protection, 38(2). Krger, B., Mrotzek, A. and Wirtz, S. (2014). Separation of harmful impurities from refuse derived fuels (RDF) by a fluidized bed. Waste Management, 34(2), pp.390-401. Land, L. (2012). Chesapeake Bay nutrient pollution: Contribution from the land application of sewage sludge in Virginia. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 64(11), pp.2305-2308. Ljungman, P. and Mittleman, M. (2014). Ambient Air Pollution and Stroke. Stroke, 45(12), pp.3734-3741. McCrink-Goode, M. (2014). Pollution: A global threat. Environment International, 68, pp.162-170. Michel, J. and Rutherford, N. (2014). Impacts, recovery rates, and treatment options for spilled oil in marshes. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 82(1-2), pp.19-25. Morgul, O. and Dal, H. (2012). A preliminary study on noise pollution of Sakarya province city centre. SA Fen Bilimleri Enstits Dergisi, 16(2), pp.83-91. Mutairi, N. (2012). Assessment of Traffic Noise Pollution Impact of Residential/Commercial Development. Journal of Civil Environmental Engineering, 02(01). Olayinka, O. (2012). Noise Pollution in Urban Areas: The Neglected Dimensions. Environmental Research J., 6(4), pp.259-271. Othman, J., Sahani, M., Mahmud, M. and Sheikh Ahmad, M. (2014). Transboundary smoke haze pollution in Malaysia: Inpatient health impacts and economic valuation. Environmental Pollution, 189, pp.194-201.

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Martin Luther and the General Council free essay sample

The paper studies the history and beliefs of theologist, Martin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran Church. The paper studies the history and beliefs of theologist, Martin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran Church. It explores the motive behind Luthers request for an appeal to the General Council of the Catholic Church in his intention to reform the church and shows that it was never his intention to break away from the church. He was very persuasive and self-confident. He must have thought he could convince, at least, some of the Council members that church dogma was wrong. The only rivals he saw were those who would keep the doctrines. No one in the group was superior to him because he did not accept the idea of being subordinate. While, he did not normally accept contradiction, he must have known this would happen and was ready to argue with those who disagreed. We will write a custom essay sample on Martin Luther and the General Council or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He felt a divine mission. The church had corrupted Jesus teachings and he wanted to bring truth to the people. He must have known the church would deny his request for an appeal. What he was doing could be declared as heresy, but he was safe. He already had a following. He was confident that would not happen. If there were an appeal and he lost, he was prepared. He could use this to show how closed-minded the church was. It did not want the true meaning of Jesus teachings to be known to the people.

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anne rice essays

anne rice essays Anne Rice: A Fascinating Story Because of her fascination with the supernatural, her life in New Orleans, and her daughter's death, Anne Rice exhibits powerful and dark Anne Rice's family life was not always a happy one. Her family was one of the lower middle class, struggling to make it. Katherine, her mother, became stressed over keeping a household and took to drinking. Anne's mom continued this habit throughout her life. I feel that this drinking had a major effect on Anne's writing style. Anne's books are full of vivid detail. They are written as if they were seen through the eyes of a drunk. Anne's mother continued drinking until the day of her death in 1956. Katherine's death hit her daughter very hard. Since her mother had died, Anne had to become a mother to her two younger sisters, Tamara and Karen. Anne hated to assume this role and looked for a way out. Her father gave this to her in the form of St. Joseph Academy, a boarding school. This was not a very good solution considering how much Anne hated the school. She cried every night for about a year, and would later write about her experiences an a novel, The Witching Hour. When Anne became sixteen her father remarried. Howard(Anne's father) and his new wife, Dorothy, decided to move to Texas to follow Howard's' work. This decision shocked Anne and she was very opposed; the move still took place. At her new school, Anne met a boy named Stan Rice. Stan was very involved with poetry and he and Anne instantly hit it off. Stan had an influence on Anne like no other person had. He was the first boy she kissed which was an experience she wrote about in her second novel, The Feast of All Saints- here is the excerpt. Richard had kissed Marie and she had never felt a sensation akin to what she'd experienced when he was holding her lightly, gently, as if he might break her, in his arms. His hands had spread out firmly ...

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The Kea speaks from Dunedin Botanical Gardens Essays

The Kea speaks from Dunedin Botanical Gardens Essays The Kea speaks from Dunedin Botanical Gardens Paper The Kea speaks from Dunedin Botanical Gardens Paper In The Kea speaks from Dunedin Botanical Gardens written by Janet Frame, an idea worth learning about is how people, including the readers, will not or do not reach their full potential due to being trapped or restricted. By using the kea in the text, Frame Is able to show the significance of the Idea as the Kea compares the life of the readers to itself. Frame portrayed the importance of this idea through the use of connotative language, metaphors and contrasting language. Frame shows how people, including the readers, will not or do not reach their full attention due to being trapped or restricted Is an Important Idea through connotative language. Connotative language was used in the text to portray and enhance the negative meanings and ignorance within the text. Connotative language Is used throughout the poem but a specific example of Its use may be found within the sentence: While the peach-faced lovebirds huddle together close to the earth In this sentence, the words with connotations are huddled and close. The word huddled refers to the contact between the two birds and close to the distance or pace between those birds and the earth. In context, the words may seem positive, but are negative because the Minimal meaning Is of how people solely stay nearby each other and will only keep notice of, as well as keep close to, the ground. Through deeper meaning, this means that even though people may be trapped, they have chosen to, pretended to, or do not notice themselves being imprisoned and will tolerate the conditions they are In. Their Ignorance is what limits and encases them, whether or not they are aware. Negative connotations used within the text may also e found in the first stanza as while my neighbor three cages away cries, Woe O Woe. This example consists of connotative words, including cages, cries and woe. All these words have negative meanings attached to them as cages imply Imprisonment and restrictions, cries imply deep sorrow and troubles, and woe with grief and distress. The meanings of these words are relative to the idea of being unable to reach our full potential or aspirations as the words include meanings that would restrict an average person from fulfilling his/her goals. Frame portrays the Idea with the thoughts of how being trapped also means to be limited and all the negativity of the feelings involved will bring a person from achieving and reaching their own best. By being unable to distinguish whether or not they are free, it will either bring confusion to the person affected or go by unnoticed and is another reason as to why the mall idea of limitations Is worth learning about. By using connotative language such as those In the examples shown, Frame Is able to implement more negativity into the text so the reader is able to truly grasp how readers being trapped is. This feeling will then enumerate with the feelings the reader will have when questioning his/her own freedom. Through Frames use of connotative language, she has shown the Importance of the Idea and why It was 1 OFF poem. Janet Frame used also used metaphors as a technique within the text. By using this technique, Frame is able to show the comparison between the kea and the readers/ people. An example of the use of metaphors may be found within the beginning of the second stanza: l too, like you, have a ceiling of wires to my aspirations. Through this example, Frame is able to give the readers a sense of imprisonment and limitations of their freedom and choice. Frame purposely used metaphors for a psychological reason; to make the readers question their own freedom as well as others. Through the strategic use of the seas current state, Frame makes a direct comparison and portray the significance of the idea by the use of metaphors so the readers would recognize the mutual states between the kea and herself/himself. Frame also used a metaphor in the last stanza of the text to enhance and deepen the dead and its significance by the lines If you were to write a poem about me you would say, Pity the seas imprisonment. But it would be yourself you pitied in your own prison. This metaphor develops the idea of the readers and people being caged and restricted, therefore not being able to reach their full potential or aspirations and adding to the idea of limitations. This metaphor also compares the mutual states between the readers and people, and the kea. These metaphors are worth learning about as they may be related back to modern society because many people, including he reader, have restrictions and limits to their full potential and aspirations, whether or not they are the cause of it. There is a vast range of factors that limits us as humans, such as family, friends, culture, religion, our surroundings, educations, wealth, health and even ourselves. Within peoples everyday life, these restricting factors may occur, but may go unnoticed by those affected by it. Another notable technique used by Frame was contrasting language. Contrasting language was used to deepen the comparisons between the readers and people, and the kea. It was also used to deepen the significance of the idea and develop the thoughts of the readers and his/her freedom. In the first and last line of the poem, l have learnt how to walk upside down like a fly and you have not yet learned to walk upside down like a fly, Frame deliberately used contrasting language so the reader would have closure that would have been linked with the beginning. This adds to the structure of the text, therefore the readers would be more considerate of the poem as a whole and acknowledge the main idea and significance of the poem while reading links and connections between the multiple language features. In this example, you are able to notice that she has shown the idea of restriction by comparing the difference in skill between her readers/people and the kea. In the poem, this shows that even though we seem to be free and the kea trapped, the kea has gained more skill than we have. The thoughts the readers would have when reading the contrasting language and meaning behind it, make it an idea worth learning about. Contrasting language was also used later in the first stanza, as well s the last as l can sense, though not see, the sky. And you can both sense and see the sky. By this example, Frame expresses the senses and the limitations of them. Another sense, is able to recognize where it is, whereas the readers are able to both sense and see the sky. This reinforces the idea of how we are free but also trapped. Frame has used contrasting language here to provoke the thoughts of the readers about their freedom and choice. This technique relates to the idea worth learning about beca use through the use of contrasting language, Frame influences he idea of imprisonment and limitations. People of modern society will assume they are free because they can both sense and see the sky but are actually controlled by limiting factors in their lives that prevent them from reaching their aspirations and reach their full potential. In Frames mind, she created this commendable poem to compare and contrast the differences and similarities between the readers and people, and the kea. The idea of how the people, including the readers, can not reach their full potential due to limitations is definitely an idea worth learning about in The Kea speaks from Dunedin Botanical Gardens by Janet Frame. Frame emphasizes this idea through the use of connotative language, and by adding deeper meaning to her text, is able to show the significance of the idea. She also used metaphors by making direct comparisons for the reader to develop more of an understanding. To then further develop the idea, Frame used contrasting language, in order for the reader to consider more carefully the idea. By using these techniques, Janet Frame is able to portray the significance of the idea and why it was worth learning about.

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Project Controls Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Project Controls - Essay Example This paper will therefore discuss issues on the changes likely to occur, quality evaluation, change control and appropriate communication of performance objectives. There are various changes that have not been planned for that may affect the project if not well catered for before project execution. These changes may be as a result of various problems that may occur during project implementation. They are mainly logistical as well as technical or operational problems. This paper has, however, identified three major problems that may create need for changes in planed process flows. First, the acquisition of the server’s license meant for the San Jose facility may be faced by delay if the legal provisions are changed to include more requirements and say additional application fees. Secondly, since the acquisition of the servers and modules for the various upgrade components may depend on the global and local supply changes, delivery may be affected through extended lead times. Lastly, there is likelihood, even though to minimal levels, of compatibility problems with the existing hardware at the facilities where upgrades will be conducted and hence creating further delays or even project overhaul. The intended project has set a higher quality assurance measures that will ensure that its implementation will be a success in terms of costs and performance. With the work breakdown structure in place, every implementation stage will ensure that the best techniques of installation and the best available and relevant software and hardware components are utilized. Having looked at the various changes that may come up during project execution, this paper proposes a three step for change control. The first phase will involve the evaluation of how the change is likely to affect the project. Secondly, the project implementation team will draw a timeline of tackling

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Ancient maya economics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ancient maya economics - Assignment Example The subsistence economy means the goods used for daily use by all the other classes of the society. Although two systems of economy existed, the economy was based on trade and agriculture. The trade system was extensive with the Mesoamerica that included trading of obsidian, jade, serpentine, ceramic vases, and feathers of Quetzalcoatl birds (Hirst, n.d). The trade network was expanded with the cities of Olmec, Zapotec, and Teotihuacan as well as other Caribbean islands and different groups in gulf coast of Mexico (Demarest, 2004). The trade relations were facilitated with efficient allocation of resources and specialization in different areas of crafts and skills (Demarest, 2004). Scholars have often used the economic laws of demand and supply to assess the ancient Mayan trade because of the vast availability of resources used by the Maya (Hirst, n.d). Given the growing population of the Maya, specialized exploitation of resources began giving the Maya specialization in trade (Hirst, n.d). This specialization combined with the availability of resources that each trade party had to offer was the key in the Maya commerce (Demarest, 2004). Many scholars believe that the long distance trade of the ancient Maya was accompanied by exchange of mathematical and writing knowledge along with other cultural manifestations (Demarest, 2004). This extensive trade network is the prime mechanism for the ancient Maya’s economic growth. The agriculture of Maya consisted of maize, beans, cucurbits, chili peppers, amaranth, palms, cocoa, vanilla, avocado, agave, ramon, and manioc (Hirst, n.d). Irrigation canals and terraces were constructed in the Maya highlands in order to take advantage of the environment there while crops were grown on raised platforms in the Maya lowlands. The household economy of the ancient Maya was related to the subsistence economy. Each household had their farmland where they planted corns, squash, beans and other

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Alvin Ailey Contextualisation Essay Example for Free

Alvin Ailey Contextualisation Essay Ailey used his culture and many childhood memories to base his choreography on. Church and worship played a huge role in the lives of black Americans and was the center of Ailey’s community. â€Å"The exuberance and poignancy of the black experience are well served in Aileys splendid. â€Å"The church was always very important, very theatrical, very intense. The life that went on there and the music made a great impression on me. † (A. P Bailey 1997 pg. 8) He grew up in Texas in the 1930s with both racial segregation and the economy being big problems of the time. â€Å"Black lives were as peaceful and secure as racism and poverty would allow. (Dunning, 1996) â€Å"In those days black people were forced into certain sections of the town†¦you couldn’t buy a house in other sections of the town, so you had to go to schools that were essentially segregated’’. In spite of the miserable living conditions   Ailey’s community and others alike were joyful in church and the drew drop inn which was where all the adults used to go on Saturday nights to dance to the blaring juke box. The dew drop inn was a rough place to be. My mother was in there, and everybody was doing what they considered to be the nasty dances†¦many of the same people who went to dew drop inn on a Saturday night went to church on a Sunday morning. In dance I deal with these two very different worlds: Blues suite and revelations. † (A. P Bailey 1997 pg23) At the age of 12 Ailey joined his mother in Los Angeles where she was to work as cleaner for a wealthy white family â€Å"I remember very well seeing my mother on her knees scrubbing these white folks’ rooms and halls. That image is in my ballet cry† (A. P Bailey 1997pg32) Here he experienced the theatre and heard the music of Duke Ellington for the first time, who’s music he later came to create a total of 14 dances to. Including The River’ â€Å"The River is a legendary collaboration between Ailey and Ellington was Ellingtons first symphonic score written specifically for dance†¦The legendary and highly acclaimed collaboration mirrors together the art forms beautifully. (http://www. exploredance. com/article. htm? id=1635) Creations of Two Masterful Artists, Alvin Ailey and Duke Ellington by Amber Henrie December 28, 2006. It was not until the 1940s that Ailey took a serious interest in dance, seeing the Dunham Company perform excited him in a way that nothing ever had before. Proving it to be a transcendent experience for him, he felt a connection with her and her dancers and was ‘lifted into another realm. I couldn’t believe there were black people on a legitimate stage†¦before largely white audiences†¦doing afro-Caribbean. Lester Horton not only inspired Ailey with his stylized technique and incredibly expressive movement but also in the way he offered his students a ‘complete education’ teaching them how to participate in all aspects of production from lighting and reading music to choosing the correct fabric for performances â€Å"He knew every fabric in the world and was extremely knowledgeable about color, design, dyeing and tailoring†¦I am still guided by Lester’s insistence that costumes must be made from extraordinary fabric† (A.P Bailey 1997 pg. 63) The Horton Technique focus’ on movements that lengthen the spine and the hamstring muscles with flat backs, lateral stretches, descending and ascending from the floor into horizontal positions, release swings, leg swings and deep lunges all of which appear in Ailey’s works regularly. Lester Horton has proved to be Ailey’s biggest influence; the similarities between the 2 choreographers are due to Ailey’s awe of Horton, his works and his attitude. As he just as Martha Graham had, had a mixed racial company â€Å"He realized that you have to use the best dancers regardless of color† (A. P Bailey 1997 Pg. 60) All of the above stylistic features are seen in works of Ailey’s such as Revelations, Cry and Witness to name a few. Each using deep plies and stunning lines to create interesting and meaningful viewing, using a combination of modern dance with jazz and classical ballet. Each with a meaning and a message to its audiences worldwide. Ailey (cited by De Frantz) said From his roots as a slave, the American Negro – sometimes sorrowing, sometimes jubilant, but always hopeful – has created a legacy†¦ which have touched, illuminated and influenced the most remote preserves of world civilisation We bring you the exuberance of jazz, the ecstasy of his spirituals and the dark rapture of his blues. † Yet while Ailey drew lots of his choreography from his ‘blood memories’ he did create plot less works too, making more use of ballet technique which can be seen in Streams. After Lester Horton’s death, Ailey founded his own company and had great success that still lives to this day; he and his company toured worldwide and were awarded with numerous honours before settling In New York. Yet Thomas F DeFrantz (2004) said the unasked question, implicit in dozens of feature articles and reviews, seemed to be: how could a gay black man from dirt-poor. Rural, depression-era Texas, with limited dance training and no college degree found and run the most successful modern dance company in the idiom’s history?